word on the street...



"Cara is absolutely incredible. Studying VCE Dance through year 11 & 12 with her was the best decision. She is 100% dedicated to all her students being successful, she is full of knowledge & passion & you will come out her classes with knowledge, skills & a positive attitude!"

Eden Laurence

"Cara Mitchell truly is a caring and understanding person. These traits contribute greatly to her attitude and ability to work with developing students and dancers, and are part of what makes her a great teacher. I myself look forward to each weekly dance class at Intelligent Dance, and would recommend it to anybody interested in taking VCE dance as a subject."

Will Humphries

"VCE Dance opened up an entire new world for me.  Encouraging my artistic talents, experimentation and the development of my passion into my own work.  The time spent here was the happiest time in my life, where the atmosphere is encouraging, loving and the environment is fun.  Cara creates a classroom full of enthusiasm, laughter and friendship which has lasted beyond the walls.  Be apart of this, you won't regret it."

Laura Edwards.

"Doing VCE Dance with Cara was an amazing experience, the love and passion I already had for dance was enhanced over the two years.  Cara's enthusiastic and passionate nature, made the challenging times of the course bearable, and even fun!  I learnt so much about choreographing, and it opened my mind to new ways of thinking about dance, which is a skill that will always be useful.  I'll never forget this experience, or Cara for that matter!"

Ella Banfield.

"As a current student, my classes with Cara are the highlight of my week.  She has not only been an amazing teacher but an amazing role model.  She always helps me when I'm feeling low and I couldn't be more thankful for her.  I would highly recommend this course because of the amazing atmosphere and teaching style."

Bec Collins.

"VCE Dance has been such a wonderful experience, in which I've befriended other talented students and explored dance in new and exciting ways.  Cara has been such a supportive and encouraging teacher who always makes class engaging and fun, she has helped me grow as a dancer."

Jemma Anzai