Our recent VCE Dance top achievers.

We congratulate Lucy Mangion on her performance in Top Class this year for her technical solo.  It is always a buzz to watch the solo's, created with such care and hard work in class, performed at the Melbourne Recital Centre for the next crop of VCE Dancers to see.

Rachel Owens achieved second place in the state in 2015 with a score of 49/50, earning her a Premiers Award. She also went on to perform at Top Class in 2015's program with her technical solo.

Ashleigh Podolak achieved third place in the state in the same year as Rachel, scoring 47/50, she also received a Premiers Award for her amazing work.

In 2015 we had five students score over 40.  Sidney Urban was accepted to study dance full time at VCAA, Katie Mollison (pictured above) achieved a perfect score for her solo's and is now studying Dance and Film at American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City.  Violet Agirov accepted a place at Transit Dance's Youth Company, Origins.

It has been a hugely successful couple of years here at Intelligent Dance.  Looking forward to many more!  

Banner: Katie Mollison.  Photo credit: Jordan Matter.

Below: Lucy and VCE Dance of 2016, Rachel Owens, Katie Mollison and Ashley Podolak.